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Five reasons to love chickens

Ladies and gentlemen, today’s post is so incredibly relevant that it actually transcends the mere gamedesign sphere. For any gamedesigner, business man or, in fact, any respectful citizen must keep an eye on the world’s most important trends! With that in mind, I decided to dive deep into the matter. Too much financially challenged to pay some famed consultant to preview the future of the videogame industry for me, I recurred to the DIY approach and made use of alternative, but equally trustable methods.

Finally, I got to a conclusion: the next major trend that will sweep the world is: CHICKENS! The reasons to love chickens are undeniably obvious, but if for any kind of obscure twist of fate you still happen not to be an aficionado for the aforementioned oviparous wonder, I’ll list some reasons for you:

1. Chickens are T-Rex’s closest evolutionary cousin (believe it or not!).

To the left, a green chicken. To the right, a white tyrannosaur.

Similarities are obvious. Personally, I’ve always found chicken remarkably ferocious and scaly. If you don’t believe just by looking at them, then see the scientific evidences!

2. Chickens are inspiring

Besides the undeniable quality of the animation, there’s also an impressive hypnotic, holistic and regenerative power. When I’m feeling drained of any inspiration, I watch this movie 40 times in a row (with mixed results).

3. Chickens are brilliant

This one caught me by surprise, but it’s true: evidence shows that chickens are capable of warning their band about the eminent arrival of predators, screaming in such a level of detail of telling if danger is coming from the land or from the sky! Different from most animals, chickens do think about the future, and even have the conscience that objects continue to exist when they’re out of sight. The latter is an ability that not even babies have! Chickens are smarter than babies. PERIOD. Therefore, might you find yourself someday needing to confirm the existence of an object that’s been concealed from you, and if there’s only a baby or a chicken to give you advice, now you know in whom to bet your coins.

4. Chickens have been around humans for more than 8000 years

In the picture, a kitten known for its wisdom and high spelling ability covers itself with a chicken disguise, in search for more social prestige.

Chickens have been domesticated and are in the human society for millennia, and have been considered sacred animals that represent the Sun. And despite the fact that dogs and cats having been around for longer than that, what was the last time that your little puppet provided you an omelet?

5. Rumors say that a revolutionary game involving chickens is about to be announced

The gracious flight of the chicken.

As I mentioned in the past, we’re making a game and we already love it! But our huge crew is made of about two and a half people, so I need to get back to work… More details to come, who knows, maybe even a demo...

Lots of love, and see you again soon.