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In a hole in the ground, there lived two gamedesigners…

Ok, my first post EVER! How is it supposed to be? Well, there’s a reason for us to be here, so I think the best way to start is by telling the purpose of this blog.

We are two guys trying to create a great game! Actually I’m only one guy, but there’s another guy who’s like the co-author, so I said “we are”... Whatever; I’ll trust in your cognitive ability, dear reader!

So, how is it to try and create a great game without being in a big softhouse? Certainly it’s not easy, but at least it’s quite fun! We have to conciliate our production schedule with our daytime work / college, so time is really scarce. Budget? Even worse - it’s our personal finances, to be very clear! On top of all that, we’re in Brazil, where the industry is cruel, piracy is high, and the success cases are still rare…

On the bright side, we have lots of energy, we really want to innovate, and truly wish to show that it is possible to create a fun and memorable experience without millions of dollars. Besides, we have an unlimited supply of coffee and soda, which allows us to work 2.5 shifts a day! And that is the independent developer dilemma: it becomes crucial to get rich before our 30th birthdays, because our work schedule will most probably keep us from living much longer than that…

In other words: WE ARE INDIES! ;)

Besides creating games, we also find some time to rant (through screaming and spitting) about several game design issues, so expect to read here some furious speeches about the rights and wrongs of the blockbuster games in the industry, ideas and generally insane stuff about the games market, what we find amazing in the indie community (and that is a lot of stuff), interesting stories about obstacles that we stumble upon during our production process and how we get past them (or not), how insane is the life of an independent gamedesigner, and also every now and then some update on the development status of our dear little game! I hope you have fun reading and also learn something useful out of it!

So, with all that said, I must confess that there’s also a more sordid reason for the very existence of this blog: to keep our discipline on what regards our productivity (thanks Ron Carmel for the idea!) We hope that having readers auditing our progress will make us feel guilty of spending all of our time playing World of Goo and Minecraft!

Finally, one additional objective of this blog is to reach at least 4 views. Well, I think I could easily convince my mom and some friends to access the link… Hmmm…

Cheers, and see you soon!