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There and back again - and releasing a public alpha!

Ladies and gentlemen,

we know we have disappeared. And before any completely false rumors start spreading about project abandonment and alien abduction, or that only partially true gossips about excessive drinking start to circulate, we are humbly showing up here once again to explain our absence.

It so happens that our game went through an important redesign in all major areas around March, 2011, and at the time we decided that we would only post on this blog again when we were on the eve of publishing a playable demo. Well, dear friends, here we are, posting again! ;)

As we finish conjuring our first alpha at the cost of much blood, sweat and tears, here’s an appetizer for you, dear reader, who mistakenly ended up on this post and read to this point!

The Journey of Eko is the first project of Pixel Cows, an independent studio made of a huge permanent team of two guys - plus some important allies here and there! The game is a 2D Action RPG that mixes physics-based sidescrolling action and combat with an old school top-view map. You will control Eko in an adventure on an open world of continental scale, travelling through different environments and cities, discovering legends, meeting people and going treasure hunting, while you prepare to face your ultimate destiny. But the road isn’t made for children: at night, wolves go out to hunt, goblins set camp and attack areas, and help is little and scarce.

To survive, Eko must learn about the world: if it’s raining and you are on an open plain, is it better to find shelter or to keep travelling? What’s the safest time to cross the forest? How to recognize the signs that indicate that a powerful monster might be preparing an ambush behind the next corner, or that the distant fire in the horizon isn’t a caravan, but a bunch of bandits? The world is huge and alive, people and animals in each region react in an emergent way to different conditions, monsters and other inhabitants have their own agenda, and to succeed, it’s necessary to learn about the world, plan, and if the plan goes down the drain, improvise!

Even more than all that, the Journey of Eko is also our journey, as indie developers. And the treasure lying at the end of the real life dungeon is to try and create a game that, even with limited resources, can be fun and surprising. Big ambitions, I know - but if we manage to at least instigate you, dear reader, to try and play it for at least a few minutes, it will be worth it! It’s also worthy saying that if you actually give up after just a couple minutes, it means you were unable to even reach and finish the first dungeon, which doesn’t necessarily mean you are not good enough... Does it? Muhuhohohahaha!*
*extremely realistic simulation of an evil laugh

Well, that’s all, folks. Stay tuned for the launch of our first public alpha, which is 100% free and will be released in February. It will still be only a fraction of what the full game is planned to be, but it already contains at least a rough version of all the most important mechanics. It’s your opportunity to let us know if we are on the right track and help make the game better!

Kind regards, and see you soon!