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Alot more beautiful than before

Hello, good fellas! Two months and one lost deadline later, we bring some updates:

Just released a modest little video showing some in game action for ya! It's really just a tech demo of our platformer engine, but anyway:

After a new, super talented artist joined our ranks, we simply couldn't resist the temptation of revamping many of our graphics. Although it's not final yet, it is now much closer to our view!

Finally, our alpha is almost complete. Boy is it difficult to show your little baby to the world when you notice so many areas needing improvement! We figured that our tile-based, turn-based overworld prototype was not at all conveying the exploration sensation that we were after, so we changed it to a realtime action based map. To be honest, it's still a rough prototype, only aimed to make navigation between levels possible, but still should be a little better than it was before. This is exactly the kind of thing that transforms "the prototype will be released in February" in "ops, we're almost there, I promise!". But the extra time is being well used, I hope. :)

Well, that's it. We hope you guys like the video! See you soon.