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New video - Canyon, Particles and Two Smoking Barrels

Directly from the chaos of draft papers, Red Bull cans and pizza boxes that describe our participation in Ludum Dare, I'm quickly passing by just to post a new video of the Journey of Eko!
PS: This is not my submission in the competition. This one here is taking considerably more than 48 hours of work. ;)

Some of the features include:

-New type of level: canyon
-Sound effects
-Several animations and physics bodies' collisions now release particles
-A little special effect indicating the usage of the double jumb - before we added it, some people thought the character was bouncing on invisible objects
-Some new enemies
-The other Pixel Cow of the team, the supergenius programmer João Pedro acting like a noob and making mistakes on purpose while he plays, only to show all the features of the physics engine. :)

We hope you like it! And to those who are participating in Ludum Dare, good luck!