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Hooray, we got 3rd place in Ludum Dare!

Surprised, astonished, openmouthed, flabbergasted, stupefied and amazed! That's how we felt when we found that we got Bronze in the 10th anniversary edition of Ludum Dare!


Ludum Dare is among the world's most respected game making competitions, with a lot of tradition and big guys such as Notch (the Minecraft creator) among its usual participants. This time there were more than 1400 subscribed games, made in 48 or 72 hours (categories "compo" and "jam", respectively) by individuals and teams all around the world. The participants themselves rate the other games, and in the end the results are announced.

Tiny Shards. We surely didn't see any glory coming when we rushed to draw these pixels!

Tiny Shards, which is some kind of miniature version of The Journey of Eko (our main project), got third place in the Overall jam ranking! Wow! We got second place in the "mood" category, and were among the top 1% in 4 of the other 6 rating categories. Far more happiness than this humble writer's heart can stand!

We own a huge "thank you" to our family, who accepted our absence in important family events during the Ludum Dare weekend and went out of their way to create a good working environment; to the Ludum Dare creators and veterans for the warm reception; to the incredible Ludum Dare community, that gave us valuable feedback that will certainly make us better game designers; and to you, dear reader, who for no particular reason has the strange habit of reading this blog!

Tiny Shards is free and can be downloaded HERE. We also wrote a post telling how we created Tiny Shards, as well as what we learned while doing it.

And now for something completely different: the development of The Journey of Eko is still at full speed! While we finish our first public alpha, here goes as an appetizer a new Full HD wallpaper of The Journey of Eko! :D

Now excuse me, we're out to celebrate through merciless, dumbstrucking, shameless drinking (of milkshake) :D