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New blog is live

Astute readers,

through ostensive research, we stumbled upon a rather shocking marketing revelation: having an awful looking blog as the only means to get in touch with your fans ain't exactly a very good idea!

Where have I seen this before?

Since beauty is only skin deep, we've gone a little further with our blog overhaul and added a few more things:

  • We added a menu with the most important links right below the blog title. Their names are pretty straightforward. At The Journey of Eko's page there's only a tiny little description and two (old) videos showing our physics engine, but in time we'll update it with more recent videos and screenshots.
  • To the left, there's this pretty little bar that allows you to follow the blog through RSS or email, and to find us in Twitter and Facebook. Pick your favorite buttons and subscribe!
  • At the end of each page, there are also buttons to share that content. And what's that for? Well, to show your friends something you think they'll like - duh! Besides, we're a small, independent, self-funded team (aka just some dudes spending their few cents to make one of those game things) with zero budget for marketing. Our single source of publicity is our dear fans who give us a little hand and show the project to their friends!

It's actually better that way; we loathe spam and pop up windows flashing in our face as much as everyone else. However, we're totally ok with sending thugs to intimidate people who don't obey us - and that's where you come in, dear reader! Follow us, share, and send a dead fish wrapped in newspaper to all your friends who don't do the same!

In our next post, we'll quit stalling and will show some new art.

See you soon!