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How do I get started in programming games??? - by Tommy Refenes, programmer of Super Meat Boy

Dear Sirs,

today I'll drop our regular news to give place to a text written by someone much smarter and experienced than us - Tommy Refenes, the programmer of Super Meat Boy!

Tommy recently wrote an article targetted at all people who want to start or are getting started in making games. If every once in a while someone is led to believe that us here at Pixel Cows have any idea of what we are doing and come to ask for guidance on making games, then try to realize how many similar questions are received on a daily basis by someone who actually knows what he is talking about? Well, after a good thousand fans reach out for Tommy in search for illumination, he decided to put together some sort of a FAQ - a very good and straightforward one!

For those who have just left Vault 101, this is Super Meat Boy
Before the article itself, a quick explanation as to why I decided to share this (and even translate it for the PT-BR version of this blog). Well, we recently had the opportunity to show a demo of The Journey of Eko to a bunch of people on an expo in Brasilia - Brazil (as we shared in another post). One of the coolest things of being on that expo was all the people that came to talk to us and ask us how we had made our game, and how to get started in making games. We felt just like time travellers, looking at younger versions of ourselves! It was really cool to talk to everyone, answer basic doubts, give some encouragement and even share programming tips, from C++ to RPG Maker! It was very rewarding to think that, hopefully, we may have helped these people somehow, and we thought how good it would have been if we had someone to share some pro tips when we got started!

Then, a few days ago, I stumbled on this article by Tommy Refenes, who is obviously much more competent and experient than us, and I thought it could be useful to some of you. :)

Tommy is the guy on the left, and the programmer in Team Meat. The one on the right is Edmund McMillen, artist and designer of both Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac

Well, with no further ado, HERE IS THE LINK FOR THE ARTICLE. If you like it, make sure to share some love with Team Meat on their blog - they deserve it!

This guy knows what he's talking about. Also, if you wanna get started in making games and haven't watched Indie Game: The Movie yet, I strongly recommend you to do so! It will help you see that the developers of amazing games such as these guys who made Super Meat Boy are actually normal human beings, who have to fight on a daily basis to improve their skills and to keep themselves motivated. The success of these games isn't only a consequence of their intelligence and competence, but also of their perseverance. That's why I keep saying that, if his article has been helpful to you, then go to their blog and share some love!

And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming, we've been on a major sprint here improving The Journey of Eko on these past few weeks - specially the performance and graphics. We almost doubled the game resolution and increased the framerate,  and now we're making a major graphic overhaul on the topview map (the ugliest part of the game until now, in our opinion). The forest and water are already looking much better!

New topview map water and forest. Coming soon: new mountains! ;)

I have to run now. Soon I'll find the time to write a more detailed post on what we've been up to lately.


Gabriel 30k