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Hallelujah! Brother Bernard brought us our first dollar!

For the first time ever, the words "Pixel Cows" and "money" on the same phrase don't mean that I'm getting poorer - this is one of those miracles that can only be performed by a monk with an axe!

In a twisted turn of events, it seems our little game about piety, arrogance and chopping the heads of little Cthulhus was the winner of two category awards on the inaugural edition of Indie Speed Run!

On the awards announcement video, the organization of the event had some very nice words for our game Dissonance: "This team not only came up with a great premise to explain its mechanics, but followed it through all the way to the end, effortlessly blending its tale of arrogance and piety with solid gameplay all the way through. We won't spoil the plot for you, but give this one a try if you wanna see just a wonderful example of weaving story with play."

As if the recognition itself was not good enough, there was also a modest cash prize! This is how our office looks right now:

Our programmer João Pedro getting his first pay from Pixel Cows

Our most sincere "thank you" to the Indie Speed Run organization, to everyone who rated Dissonance, and to you guys who follow us and give us encouragement and honest feedback. It would be much, much harder - probably impossible - without your support!

Some useful links:

Download Dissonance, our Indie Speed Run game
Watch the Indie Speed Run Awards video.
Finally, take a look at Protein Pirates, the game made by our good friends from AbstrAKT Games which won the Indie Speed Run main prize. Their game is awesome, and they promised to pay us some beer if we manage to meet them at GDC, which automatically means they are some really fine folks!


Gabriel and J. Pedro
aka Pixel Cows