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49 Bullets

Hello, everyone!

We made a trailer for our latest game!

49 Bullets is a mini action roguelike somewhat similar to The Binding of Isaac, and slightly inspired by Stephen King's The Dark Tower books, plus a few Lovecraft's short stories. But it is mostly about frantic action, exploration and character evolution!

Sounds fun? Then go to the SUPER BR JAM site, pay what you want and get this and other 20+ games including some successful commercial titles! Best of all, 100% of the proceedings go to charity! :D

Yeah, right now that is the only way to play 49 Bullets. Explanation coming in a second...

So, 49 Bullets was our contribution to Super BR Jam - an event that had some of the main Brazilian developers creating games over a weekend (actually a little more) to support charity. How? Well, all of the 20+ games that were created, plus some awesome commercial titles such as Magicka, Dungeonland, Knights of Pen & Paper and Out There Somewhere, were put in a pay-what-you-want bundle, and all of the proceedings are going to Solar Meninos de Luz, a philanthropic institution that provides basic health care and education to children living in extremely poor communities in Brazil.

Now, if you're interested, you better run, cause the bundle will be available only for a very limited time!

If you wanna contribute, then go get the bundle, and gain access to 49 Bullets and all the other games.

Besides that, a great way to help is spreading the word! As I write this, there's only a few more days to buy the bundle, and unfortunately we are still far behind our fundraising objective for the institution, so every tweet, reblog and Facebook post counts! If you can, spare a couple minutes to let others know of this initiative while it's still time, and help getting the word out.

Let's go play some games and help those kids! :D

Gabriel and João Pedro - @pixel_cows