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Bird Control

Bird Control is an addictive time trial game where one collision means death. Will you dare to run? 

Bird Control is a little casual game we worked on a while back. It's really just a new paintjob on a prototype we developed on a rainy afternoon 7 years ago, back when we were fascinated by action games where the main character was heavily affected by inertia. Over the following years we worked on overcomplicated versions of this idea, but with all the fuss about Flappy Bird, we felt a huge desire to resurrect this in its simplest form. It's no big deal, but we always felt this prototype deserved to exist somewhere else other than a dust-covered old desktop.

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If you play Bird Control, please do let us know what you think of it!

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Thanks for stopping by, and we hope you like playing Bird Control as much as we liked creating it! :)

                                        Click on the game window to set focus and play

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