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Golden Chest

Get important announcements, plus a free treasure trove of exclusive prototypes

Ok, so let's be 100% honest here: we're all wary of those spammy newsletters made by "marketing savvy" (not really) companies that get our inboxes full of crap like "Exclusive Offers", "Get this 10% discount ONLY TODAY!!!!1!1!!!", etc.

This IS NOT what we do.

We hate that marketing stuff just as much as you do! When you sign up to our newsletter, you'll only be getting emails that I, Gabriel (one of the two founders of Pixel Cows), write myself. I write only two emails a month!

Getting emails from me is like getting emails from a friend telling you how he is doing on his kinda odd professional choice of living off games!

We recognize that signing up is a display of trust, so besides being very strict with respecting your inbox and your time, we also want to pay that off by letting you be the first to know of anything important, and by giving you access to some of our closed prototypes - including the really big ones that are pretty much unfinished full games, if that makes any sense! It's the kind of stuff that we usually don't show to the general public.

Still with me? Good! So...
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