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Last Dive Reborn

Hello, everyone!

Today we'd like to introduce you to our newest project: the remake of Last Dive!

What is Last Dive about?

It's a story driven adventure about a man who finds himself stranded on the bottom of the ocean, with only his diving suit separating him from the bone crushing water pressure and mysterious sea creatures around him. As he explores his surroundings in search for a way back to the surface, he realizes how little he knows about the sea...

So, what's with the 'remake' thing?

Last Dive is a complete remake of one of our most successful jam games. The original Last Dive was developed for Ludum Dare 29, and at the time, we received some of the most humbling, inspiring, positive feedback of our lives, becoming a personal favorite for us. Now we're taking the daunting task of taking a small game that works and trying to rework, expand and improve it in all areas without breaking the elements that made the original shine.

How far in the development is it?

We have already rebuilt all the core mechanics in Lotus Engine (our custom Unity framework), which opens many doors on how to expand on the game at all fronts: graphics, storytelling devices, gameplay elements and whatnot. We're just out of Pre-Production, and will be sharing concept art, in-game previews and overall development updates on Twitter and Facebook as we make progress over the next weeks. Also, our Golden Chest subscribers will receive an exclusive preview of some of the biggest design decisions - if you wanna stay in the loop, make sure to sign up!

Main features:

     -Follow Dave in a mysterious journey as he uncovers secrets from his past life and the unknown sea

     -Explore the majesty of the seas, from lively coral reefs to otherwordly underwater ruins

     -Master the unique gameplay of Dave's heavy diving suit and expand it with new items and movements

     -Face huge sea creatures in epic boss battles, explore the unknown depths and discover what lies beneath the surface

The game is planned to release on Windows and Mac in April, 2016.

By the way, we'll be revealing the definitive name over the next weeks. "Last Dive Reborn" is just the project name - you know like when companies reveal mysterious project names like "Project Condor", "Project Butterfly" or whatever? Well, guess what, baby, we're also that fancy!

Now make the day of these old cows here and follow us! Last Dive updates will abund! ;)


Thanks for standing by, talk to you soon!