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Dissonance is a 15 minutes horror platformer about a monk who awakes in the middle of the night only to find his monastery being assaulted by a horde of demoniac creatures. Equipped only with a torch and his lumberjack axe, he has to make his way to the Chapel, where he knows the truth awaits... 

Dissonance is a platformer that focuses on mood and storytelling. It features a short horror story told through flashbacks, a few different levels, progressive difficulty and a boss fight. 

This game was created in 48 hours for the Indie Speed Run 2012 competition, receiving three indications and winning two awards: Solid Story and Organization's Choice.

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Some nice words said about Dissonance by the Indie Speed Run organization on the award cerimony:

"Effortlessly blends its tale of arrogance and piety with solid gameplay all the way through."

"We won't spoil the plot for you, but give this one a try if you wanna see just a wonderful example of weaving story with play." 

"A great use of theme and element, a cool look, and a creepy well written story tying it all together."

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Lessons Learned from developing Dissonance

With Dissonance we finetuned the same simple design that we started playing with in Tiny Shard: the idea of mixing simple but solid gameplay with a very well controlled pacing determined by the story.

We also planned ahead so that there would be enough time for polishing the game and adding small details that helped convey the appropriate mood. In this particular case, we chose to add dynamic light and waving vegetation. The limited sight provided by the torch is ominous and contributes to the atmosphere, and the waving vegetation is a way of both adding movement and an overall sense of polish to all scenes, while also making the monastery feel a little more alive and menacing.

As limited an experience as a game created in under 48 hours can be, overall we think this game went quite well! It's a tiny but complete experience with decent graphics, carefully picked music, a rewarding sense of progression and a proper ending.

If you play Dissonance, please do let us know what you think of it!

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Thanks for stopping by and we hope you like Dissonance as much as we liked creating it! :)

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