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Darkness Revealed Update 1 - The beginning!

Hello, everyone!

As you guys know, we're working on a game that is temporarily named Last Dive Reborn.

From now on, we'll be sharing weekly development updates. We're currently in the Alpha phase, which consists of creating and iterating on gameplay and technologies until they work really well.

After replicating the original's gameplay in Unity, we decided to start working on new things this past week. New mechanics, enemies, animations and interactions.

First of all, we worked on smoothing Dave's basic movements. So what we did was speed him up a bit, as well as adding new mechanics to make him feel more responsive and less clunky. Dave can now walk underwater, for fine tuning before a big jump or challenge. He can also sprint now - with the right timing the player can quickly navigate the game screens. We also added an aquatic jetpack, which will hold you in the air for a couple seconds and give you a bit more "air" control.

Another big improvement last week was creating different types of monsters. The blowfish has been adapted and has more movement patterns. The eel can now be customized in our editor, so we're able to adjust the timing and quantity of eel's per spawn point. And lastly we made a sharklike creature which follows you around the screen and attacks when the time is right.

On the next update, we hope to show some more interaction and interface changes, as well as more traps and enemies. We can't wait to share more with you guys! Over the next week, we'll be sharing more gifs on Twitter and Facebook as we make progress, so follow us there and make these old cows happy!

If you wish to receive more detailed updates with exclusive gifs, please sign up for our Golden Chest at the bottom of the page!

See you guys next week, and thanks for stopping by! ;)