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Darkness Revealed Update 2 - Deadly traps!

Hello, everyone!

As some of you know, our current project is Last Dive Reborn. Every Monday we'll be updating this site with a devlog, so  make sure to subscribe!

Last week we made a lot of progress on expanding the basic gameplay and core technologies needed by the game.

This week we focused on adding interaction and interface elements to the game.

The first thing you'll notice is that now Dave has 3 HP, which will allow us to design more challenging traps. Yes, we're evil. We also added a death animation and "game over" screen to go along with it.

We also added minor and major checkpoints. You'll respawn at minor checkpoints if you fall into a hole. If you lose your 3 hearts, however, you'll return to the latest major checkpoint. This is an important game balancing decision that will give us much more control over the game pacing, which is essential for a satisfactory level design.

Another aspect that ties directly into level design is exploration. We feel Last Dive's otherwordly setting calls for self-motivated exploration, but the original game was way too linear and didn't reward it in any way. In Last Dive Reborn, players will discover lots of interesting stuff by keeping their eyes open and searching for secrets. One little step in that regard is the addition of collectible coins, which will allow you to buy god knows what!

Next week, we'll be focusing on new environment traps and mechanics that are getting just out of the oven. We can't wait to show it! Make sure to come back for the weekly update every Monday and follow us on Twitter and Facebook (links below) for daily updates, GIFs and pictures!

See you guys next week, and thanks for stopping by! ;)

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