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Darkness Revealed Update 3 - Levels that Break, Roll and Thrust

Hello, everyone!

Here we are once again with updates on Last Dive Reborn (temporary name). Links to Last Dive Update 1 and Last Dive Update 2 are here for your convenience! ;)

With enough enemy types in place for the time being, we shifted focus to environmental traps and other things that would affect the way Dave moves around the levels, challenging players to plan their next moves carefully. Sum that with the bunch of enemies already in place, and we're in for a bunch of level design possibilities!

Traps and whatnot

Breaking (sea)Bed... (holy crap was that a bad joke). Ok, so everyone knows what a breaking platform is, but ours is different! When you land on it, it cracks, but it only falls apart when you leave it. This isn't about moving fast; it's about moving carefully. There's no coming back, so make sure you know what you're doing before hitting that jump key!

Pointy Corals. The thing grows over the floor and walls and is very lethal. You gotta master your jumping and jetpack skills to move around it.

Conveyor Belts that totally make sense in the ocean. Ok, I admit we'll have some trouble in making it fit our semi-realistic setting, but we just love how this trap affects gameplay! You'll have to be quick on your feet and plan your next jump as fast as you can, or you might falling deep into the abyssal sea...

On our next update, we'll show a really persistent enemy and a cool cannon like creature. Make sure to come back for the weekly update every Monday and follow us on Twitter and Facebook (links below) for daily updates, GIFs and pictures!

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See you guys next week, and thanks for stopping by! ;)

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