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Darkness Revealed Update 4 - This isn't SeaWorld

Hello, everyone!

It's time for our weekly update on Last Dive Reborn (temporary name).
If you're feeling lost, here are the links for the past updates so you can catch up :)

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As we mentioned last week, we just finished our Alpha 1 phase of development. Alpha 1 was all about executing our vision for Last Dive's gameplay potential. In this update we would like to show you a couple other creatures, so keep reading!

This isn't Seaworld

Holy crab, what is that thing? After we finished porting a completely reworked version of Last Dive's original gameplay into Lotus Engine, we started playing with some less passive enemies. The tiny but persevering crab is one of them - the little bastard will follow you around trying to pinch you to death. He may be a bit slow, but he's determined, so don't fool around!

pic name pic name

Spitting Anemones! This little beast isn't really an enemy but can sure as hell spit you into sticky situations (and sometimes get you to cool secret spots too)! The anemone will suck you in when you touch it, so be prepared for anything before you get too close. The anemone is designed to test your timing skills and your ability to predict movement patterns. Gotta pay attention on this one!

PS.: For other Nintendo fans out there: yes, we did get the idea from the almighty Donkey Kong Country, to this day one of the greatest platformers ever made! We always wanted to explore and expand on that mechanic. Last Dive has a lot of challenges that focus on timing and cadence, and the anemone also contributes in that direction.

On the next update, we'll show our last features from the Alpha 1 phase, including one item which will drastically upgrade how Dave moves around. ;)

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