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Darkness Revealed Update 5 - Hook away!

Hello, everyone!

Time for our weekly Last Dive Update once again, this time with some of the coolest new mechanics in Last Dive. But first things first: we now have an official page for Last Dive on our website. Besides an always up-to-date view of the game, this page also includes links for every weekly update, just for your convenience. Check it out if you will!

Approaching the end of our Alpha 1 phase, today we're gonna show you one of the most game changing features we've developed. We've been hiding this for a while now and it's very exciting to finally being able to share it with you guys! Without further ado... 

Hook away! 

The hookshot was one of those risky ideas that we thought could either really enhance the game and bring a world of possibilities, or could just not work at all and have to be tossed away. We're strong believers that you can't avoid risks if you wanna create a game that has personality, so we went all in. Admittedly it didn't work perfectly at first (its somewhat complex behavior led to all kinds of bugs that took us a while to fix), but after a couple weeks of iteration it turned out quite fun! Regular ceilings and 'hookshot blocks' were only the beginning - things started to get really interesting as we coded compatible (even if not realistic) interactions with other level elements. We'll shut up for now as we don't want to spoil all the surprises, but you can check some of the craziest uses of the hookshot in the gifs below!

pic name
pic name

In other news, we now have a TIG Source Devlog (TIG is a well known forum where game developers share their game's progress to receive feedback from other devs). So now besides Twitter, Facebook and our Golden Chest newsletter, we can now be reached on the TIG Source forums if you wanna give your input in the game. We'd be thrilled to listen to your opinions and ideas in any of these venues. :)

That's it for today folks! We've been wanting to show this stuff to you for a while now. It's a relief to take the hookshot out of our chests (not literally, though, as it would be pretty painful). Anyway, please let us know what you think!

Next week we'll share some final additions to the Alpha 1 build and then we'll completely switch focus to work on the game's visual aspect. Hope you liked today's update and here's one last swinging treat for you!

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