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Darkness Revealed Update 6 - The last tidbits!

Hello, everyone!

Time for our weekly Last Dive Update Today we'll talk about the last additions to Last Dive's Alpha 1 Phase. But first, I'd like to remind that we now have an official page for Last Dive on our website. If you missed any of the past updates, that's the place to catch up on our current status. Please take a look!

After last week's unveiling of the hookshot, we now want to show some of the last tidbits added to the game. We're now at a point where we feel comfortable with the level design possibilities. Moving on we'll change focus to other aspects of the game, but first let's talk about some of the nice little add-ons we built on the gameplay side.

pic name
Revenge of the crab
We also went on to add a new enemy, just because we're mean: the Pissed Off Crab (patent pending)! This little fella grabs a lethal spiky block and throws at you at full speed, usually ruining your speed run and your sense of self-esteem (ok maybe he's a little too hard and will have to be nerfed - but still, yeah, pissed off crabs all the way!).

pic name
Nothing to see here, move along!
We finally got to code secret passages - something we found that greatly enhanced and rewarded exploration, allowing us to make less linear levels. A special "fake wall" tile is used to hide these passages, which reveal themselves once you get close enough. So it can be used to hide a cave behind it or just a long tunnel leading to somewhere really cool with tons of coins or a special collectible.

pic name

Brought your adherent shoes?
Now this one is kinda big too, because when we thought about the ice blocks it was supposed to be just a slippery surface where the player would have a hard time controlling Dave. Turned out as a great feature for speed running through the levels (only if you really master Dave's timings, though). Ice just got extra cool (ha!) after we also integrated it with the hookshot. Dave is able to stick the hook into the ice and slide through the ceiling. All sorts of crazy level design await!

That's it guys! Reaching this stage is a really big milestone for the game. As you know, Last Dive's gameplay is really different from any other platformers and one of the things we needed to validate ASAP was if we would manage to properly expand on it. Now we feel safe that it's fun and that it can be expanded with relatively little effort, so it's time to move on to other areas of development. Yey!

Moving on!

The next big thing we want to tackle is the game's graphics. However, that will require some massive restructuring of part of our engine's technical features - specially how we handle tilesets and spritesheets. Maybe in the next update we'll have some really neat pictures showing what we have in store graphics-wise, and/or a first look into our super cool, Mario Maker inspired level editor. Make sure to come back and take a look!

Btw, have you checked out our new TIG Source Devlog yet? If not, please do! it's a great place talk to us and leave your feedbacks! So now we can be reached at Twitter, Facebook (click the cows!), the Golden Chest, and the TIG Source forums if you wanna give your opinion on the game. Please stop by and say hi on any of these venues. Cya next week!

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