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Darkness Revealed Update 7 - Let there be light (and free games)!

Hello, everyone!

How have you been? Today's update is packed, so let's get started already!

Here's some free games!

In case you haven't noticed, we are gradually uploading all of our past games to our new website. Three of them are already available to download for free, and more are on the way!

- Dissonance: A horror platformer with a dark, mind bending story. Dissonance got us two awards on Indie Speed Run: best story and organization's choice. If you play just one game on this list, this is our personal recommendation... 15 minutes of memorable darkness or your money back! Oh wait, the game is free! ;)

- Super Fair Trial ShowA convict tries to make his case by surviving procedurally generated arenas and monsters, using procedurally generated weapons. You play while being watched by billions of viewers around the world, who send tweets and vote for totally fair rule changes every 10 seconds. How's that for justice?

- Volcano Explorer: A simple vertical runner featuring awesome lava and horrible physics. Ascend a volcanic pit as fast as you can before the lava consumes you!

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Back to Last Dive: a technical update

Ok, time to show you some new stuff!

In game development, every now and then you're faced with the daunting task of upgrading your technical infrastructure. Over the past three weeks, we've been hard at work upgrading how we store and access level data, how we handle animations and also most of our shading solution. If Alpha 1 was all about making our gameplay fun, then Alpha 2 is entirely dedicated to making sure we're building on top of a really strong structure. It was hard, but now we're almost over - and implementing a light solution that will allow us to start leaning towards the art direction we envision for Last Dive.

Let there be light!

Our first step towards Last Dive's new look was going for a new lighting system. We were always enthusiastic about what can be achieved by combining flat pixel art with normal map-powered lighting, and we're giving our first steps to enable that vision. 
This gif is a mockup of where we are aiming!

So, one of the things that needed to be done beforehands was replacing our animation tech for a sprite atlas-based one (before that, we worked with individual PNGs). As innocuous as it may sound, this single move allowed for a massive optimisation on our animation workflow. Furthermore, because all animation frames of all objects are now smartly packed together, we also save up some system resources on the players' side, which is always a good thing!

By the way, we used Texture Packer to do most of the magic, so here's a shoutout for them - great software, guys!

That's it for now guys! Next week we'll continue to give details on the process of changing the game's graphics, as well as showing the initial results for all of this work. So make sure you check back next week to see what happened!

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Thanks for stopping by and till the next time!

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