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Super Fair Trial Show

Super Fair Trial Show is a topview arena shooter that features a lot of procedural content: the arenas' looks and format, the weapons, the enemies' behaviors and looks, and even spectators' tweets! As if things weren't chaotic enough, the audience votes for new rules on the fly every 10 seconds. It's all procedural, no two games are the same!

You're looking for justice? You've come to the wrong place!

The year is 20XX. Traditional court judgements were considered too boring, and were replaced by a much more interesting system: broadcasted gladiator fights against genetically engineered monsters!

Play as a convict trying to make his case by surviving the arena, while being watched by billions of viewers around the world. The audience send tweets and vote for rule changes every 10 secondsHow's that for a fair judgement? 

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Some nice words said about Super Fair Trial Show by the Ludum Dare community:

"Great job! This is one of the best I've seen here. Very well polished, good gameplay, great sound. I love the mood of it."

"Brilliant entry! Procedural generation makes it very replayable. And the spectator comments are hilarious!"

"The graphics, the gameplay, the humor, and the presentation are all spot-on!"

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Making Super Fair Trial Show

This game was created for the 27th edition of Ludum DareParticipating in the jam category, we only had 72 hours to create the whole game and 90% of the content from scratch, following this edition's theme: "10 Seconds".

One of the challenges of making a game that relies heavily on procedural generation is to keep things fair - therefore, long hours would have to be spent on spreadsheets and playtest. This was unfeasible in 72 hours, so even though we did our best in that regard, we also went all in with the concept of unfairness as being a central theme of the game, and we think that helps making the player less prone to being displeased by some particularly unfair level (heck, sometimes these are the most fun parts!).

If you play Super Fair Trial Show, please do let us know what you think of it!

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Thanks for stopping by and we hope you like Super Fair Trial Show as much as we liked creating it! :)

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