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Tiny Shard

Tiny Shard is a 15 minutes platformer featuring painterly pixel graphics and a little metaphorical story.

Tiny Shard tells the journey of a boy who lives on a shard - a fragment of a planet floating alone in the universe. Every day, his home aligns with one of four other orbiting shards, allowing him to explore and spend time on them. Each shard is a completely different environment packed with its own monsters, unique characters, weapons and upgrades, and the boy repeatedly explores them as he searches for a way to somehow make his planet whole again.

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Some nice words said about Tiny Shard by the Ludum Dare community:

"Really blown away by this! I don't think I've rated a game so well in all areas. Wow at the amount of significance and story you were able to pack into the game in such a short amount of time. Outstanding work!"

"I really loved the look and feel and I think it is the only game that really got me wanting to see more of the story."

"Nothing short of amazing! The graphics, the tight control, the awesome world-building, the thought-provoking story... Even the names of the power-ups are perfectly chosen! Everything falls into place to create an awesome, engrossing experience."

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Making Tiny Shard

This game was created for the 23rd edition of Ludum DareParticipating in the jam category, we only had 72 hours to create the whole game, following this edition's theme: "Tiny World".

It was the first game we developed for a game jam. We were terrified at first, but soon the development flow came in and things started taking shape naturally.  This is a game made by instinct as much as by craft, and that's why I think the game kinda feels like an emotional outburst in itself. It's somewhat disorganized as a flow of thoughts, but sincere and meaninful in its own naive way. When the game was complete, we were honestly afraid that it had turned out too cryptic for people to enjoy and decipher. Quite fortunately for us, we were wrong, and Tiny Shard ended up ranking third place overall! The experience of building Tiny Shard and participating in Ludum Dare changed forever the way we face game development. Instinct and risk always play a big part in our process, and we learned that it's ok to make games that way. :)

If you play Tiny Shard, please do let us know what you think of it!

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Thanks for stopping by, and we hope you like playing Tiny Shard as much as we liked creating it! :)

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