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Volcano Explorer

Volcano Explorer is a simple, physics based vertical runner. Ascend a volcanic pit as fast as you can before the lava consumes you!

RUN, RUN, RUN, God damn it! YOU ONLY GET ONE MINUTE to climb as fast as you can and escape the freaking erupting volcano! Seriously, dude, no freaking time to explain, JUST GO!

Volcano Explorer was made for the Ludum Dare 28 game jam in maybe 15 hours, under the theme: "You only get one." It's a fairly short and simple game, and yet most players never manage to survive for one full minute and get to see the ending. Do you think you can do it? :)

What you mean "physics glitches"? You say bug, I say FEATURE!

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Some nice words said about Volcano Explorer by the Ludum Dare community:

"I love this game! Reached salvation, lots of adrenaline! The effects were cool and use of physics was great and creative. " 

"The game is indeed simple, but the physics-based lava looks AWESOME" 

"Brilliant experience! Really fun entry, tightly put together and uber compelling. Love the graphical effects! Pretty unforgiving but rewarding nonetheless."

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Making Volcano Explorer

For this game, we were mostly just having some fun testing MMFusion 2.5's physics, not caring too much whether we would be able to meet the deadline for LD this time or not. On the last day, we decided to polish our test a little bit and actually submit it. This is probably our simplest jam game ever, but we had lots of fun playing with some fiery liquid dynamics!

If you play Volcano Explorer, please do let us know what you think of it!

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Thanks for stopping by and we hope you like Volcano Explorer!

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