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Darkness Revealed Update 10 - How We Build Levels at Pixel Cows (Part 2)

Hello, everyone!

Last week we started talking about how our Map Editor works. This week, we will continue to show more features of the Lotus Maker (as we like to call it). Before reading this update, we highly suggest you take a look at last week's devlog, so you don't feel lost. If you've already read it... well then let's get going!

Sea layers!

The Lotus Maker supports up to four layers at the moment. One of the basic uses of layers is for making Mario-styled platforms, where only the ground part acts as an obstacle, but not the wall

We also use it to make secret passages. Floor, entrance and coins are in one layer; the cave background is in the layer behind, and a special secret passage wall is placed in front of it. This type of wall looks almost exactly like regular obstacle walls, but it gradually fades to transparent if you try to go over it, revealing the secret area.

Real time editing during play mode

Now, one last bit of tech blabbering: as we play the game in Developer mode, we have access to edit anything using the Lotus Maker toolbar. This means we can play the game and adjust any issues with the level design on the go. Lotus will nicely store all the changes made during play time and offer an option to make those changes definitive.

The Lotus Maker gave us a lot of work, but now it's helping us build our levels much faster - and even better, this technology will forever be available in the Lotus Engine, meaning our next games will also benefit from it. Yey!

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That's it for now guys! Next week we'll change the subject once again and start to tackle the games graphics! If you want more frequent updates be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook, by clicking the cow down here! Thanks and till next time!

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