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Darkness Revealed Update 16 - A Design Approach for Creating a Level's Art (Part 2)

Hello, everyone! How's it going?

In our last update we started working on the art for our tutorial level, which will take place in a bright and warm coral reef. Our first rendering attempt didn't go too well, and we had to rethink our strategy. Today we'll show the rest of the process and the final look for the corals. If you missed the last update, I highly recommend you read it before this one.

The last rough spots

After having set a new direction for our render, the next step was to find the shapes to use with this color scheme. We set for a clear horizon line permeated with some interestingly shaped rocky mounts. Because the resulting color scheme up to this point was very conservative and well controlled (basically just brown and blue) , we were now able to add some bright, saturated colors all around the platforms' and foreground's objects without making the whole scene too cluttered.

This final version of the corals look bright, warm and colorful - and, strangely enough, much closer to the mood of the original thumbnail than what we got when we just tried to render that same thumbnail! It's welcoming and not too deep. Even the surface is visible at all times, which is a comforting visual reassurance that you could just be pulled back to your boat and take a good deep breath of fresh air anytime you want. Oh, Dave, you were SO CLOSE to the surface, weren't you? :)

A first look!

To finish this update, here's a first look at how this rendered art looks like in the game! It's not completely implemented yet (still missing water particles, light shafts and even surface, which will be recreated in Unity), but it gives the idea. It's been weeks since we started working and implementing these graphics on the game, and it's very exciting for us to finally be able to show a part of this!

That's it for today! In the next update we'll show how the development of one environment affects and changes other areas of the game.

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