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Darkness Revealed Update 21 - A Much Needed Change!

Hello, everyone! How's it going?

For the past few weeks, we've been showing the creation process of Last Dive's environmental art. We showed in detail how the coral reefs, the seabed and the caverns came to life.

Today we'll change the subject a bit: in our newest screenshots, have you noticed that Dave (our main character) has changed quite a bit? Let's talk about this redesign and how it affects the rest of the game!

Why changing?

When we decided to remake Last Dive, we knew a lot of its art and graphics would have to be updated - after all, the original was a jam game. When we started working on the new title we challenged ourselves to expand and deepen the game in all directions, art included. We recreated each and every environment from scratch and implemented a new realtime lighting scheme that made the whole game look better. As an expected side effect, though, our main character's graphics immediately became outdated and subpar with the rest of the experience.

Before redesigning the character altogether, we had to test if simply creating normal and shadow maps for the old character would suffice. For one, Dave looking a bit displaced of the rest of the game could simply be the result of him not being under the same light effects as the scenery. Furthermore, even if a complete redesign was to be made, we first needed to understand what needed to change after seeing him in context - all effects included. So we created all the required lighting maps, applied to Dave and tested how he looked in game. 

pic name pic name

A lot better, right? Still, not nearly enough, that's for sure. The 2 colors palette obviously didn't fit the new art direction. Also, since we started sharing updates on Last Dive's development, one of the things we heard the most was that Dave, our favorite diver, looked like a caveman! His colors made him look like he was naked, and his helmet was often seen as a dense beard. When the people that will play your game tell you that your deep sea diver looks like a naked, bearded caveman, you know you will need a serious overhaul! It was time to make him look more like the rest of the game's new art. 

That's it for today! 

Next week, we'll show what inspired us to redraw Dave and the step-by-step transformation of his sprite!

Do you agree Dave looked like a "caveman"and needed a major overhaul?
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