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Darkness Revealed Update 22 - A Hero Arises!

Hello everyone! How's it going?

In last week's update we showed the beginning of the process of reworking Dave's sprite. After adding the new graphics to Last Dive, along with light and shadow maps, we noticed our hero was a bit outdated and in need of a major overhaul. Today, we'll show the rest of the update process! We highly recommend you read the first part before this one, but if you already have, then let's get started!

The redesign process

In parallel to all that, we were also creating art to use on our site. The idea of that art was to capture the feeling of playing Last Dive in a single image. While working on them, we had to draw a big version of Dave, which was also an opportunity to define his overall look in detail. We wanted his design to more closely reflect the retro atmospheric diving suits that inspired the game, while also having a color scheme that was compatible with a main character, which resulted in the two iterations seen above.

When we were happy with the character's design, we went on to create the actual sprite that is used in the game. At that point in development, Dave already had a full spritesheet with tons of animations created, and even though his graphics were outdated, the animations themselves were actually pretty decent. So we came up with a way to change his appearance without having to draw every frame again. We did this by working with color change filters and lighting adjustments. We then manually "pasted" the helmet in every frame, and the only manual, frame-by-frame work left was to draw his gloves and boots. 

We ended up with two versions of the new concept where the only change was the color combinations. Both seemed solid and worked well, however when we tried against the game's actual backgrounds, the blue version blended too much into the environment, while the red one popped out a lot more, which made us decide to stick to the red and gold suit. 

Finally, a gif showing Dave's evolution, just for the show ;)

That's it for today! 

Did you like Dave's final look? Got any suggestions to further improve him?
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