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Darkness Revealed Update 25 - Bossing from Another Angle! (Part 1)

Hello, everyone! How's it going?

In the last update, we showed the creation process of our very first boss' design. Dozens of sketches and iterations led us to the exact mood we wanted for him. Now let's get going because today we want to show you a bit more of the boss' design process! If you missed the last update we strongly recommend you read it before this one. 

Back to the Drawing Board

With the side view of our boss and of his sidekicks ready, we started the process of programming the first boss battle. While designing his various attacks, we noticed that one of them required the boss to change into a front view while his sidekicks did most of the work. So once again we had to go back into the drawing board and define how our boss would look like in his front view.

This time the job was a little bit easier, since we had already defined his mood and looks. The work was mostly based around interpreting how some of his side view characteristics would look like in another view and making sure his features were symmetric and lined up.

So we started by placing the side view in the canvas and creating guide lines which would help us position his main features in his front view. 

It took us a few tries till we determined his general proportions and how his main side features would look like in another angle. Two big decisions we had to make were: how the mouth should be shaped in order to keep his menacing look and if the nose should be tilted up or down. After reaching a sketch which looked somewhat similar and proportional to our side view, we decided it was time to light and shade the sketch so it would be more detailed and closer to the final look. 

A Decisive Sketch

When we started lighting up that final sketch we noticed that a couple things were still off. In his side view, the boss seemed a lot bulkier and stronger than in our latest iteration. The horns were also way out, while in his side view it seemed like they were behind that main bone structure and a lot closer to his center. Things like the bosses smile and nose tip were adjusted once again, as well as hiding the tip of his tail, which was looking a bit weird when seen from the front view, even though it was bigger than the main horn and should be visible. So we drew one more sketch (left sketch in the picture below), with some lighting already included. 

This time, it looked way better and a lot more like the rendered side view. To finish up, a couple more tweaks were made regarding his nose tip, his smile and his width (right sketch in the picture above).

With this last version it felt we were really close to a final design, just one last thing still bothered us a bit. His general mood wasn't feeling very threatening, it seemed like the side view was way more aggressive than our front view sketch. We noticed that might be happening because of the shape of his head. His cone-like shape wasn't intimidating, to make him more menacing it felt like we had to make his upper side bigger and slowly funneled towards the down side. The main bone structure, which is one of his main side features was also looking very different. It seemed like in the side view it went further out from the body. It also didn't make sense for the tail not to show up in his front view, so we drew it like it was moving, this way it felt natural and understandable, it didn't just hide behind the main bone. So we drew one final sketch which addressed all these issues and looked a lot like the side view version of the boss.

That's it for today guys! Hope you liked our boss' final sketch! Next week we will show the rest of the front view's creation process and a look into his first animation! If you got any suggestions regarding his design, we are always hanging out on Twitter and Facebook, so feel free to stop by! Or, if you want to receive these updates complete and before everyone else, sign up for our Golden Chest

Thanks for stopping by! ;)

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