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Darkness Revealed Update 31 - Title Screen! (Part 1)

Hello, everyone! How's it going?

In the last couple updates we started talking about designing UI and Menus for Last Dive. Today we'll still be talking about UI, as we show some progress on our main menu and title screen. Let's get started!

A First Placeholder

A couple months back, when we decided to finish a playable Demo for Last Dive, one of the things that was missing was a title screen and a main menu. This far into development it was a weird feeling to have the game start all of the sudden without any screens, so we started working on that. 

Our first version wasn't committed to a specific art direction, as it was made before any other menus, just as a placeholder. We made this version with the main concept art we used back then for most promotional stuff, and it was created using high res fonts.

A bit later, after coming up with the Pause Menu shown in this update, we settled for an UI art direction and decided we wanted to use pixel art fonts to match the game's art. This time, we started working on a title screen which would actually be part of the game, or at least the demo.

An Animated Test

Back in the original Last Dive, the title screen was also the beginning of the game. You would see Dave on his boat watching the sunset, and the game would start once you hit space and he jumped off into the sea. We liked this idea and decided to test it for the remake.

The second version of the title screen took place right at the game's start. But unlike the original, this time we made it a sunny day, which matched our first level in the game, the bright coral reef. To fully validate if this screen served its purpose and was fitting the game's mood, we animated a short clip (sound effects included) showing the transition from title screen to the start of the game.

That's all for now! Next week we'll show how our title screen ended up looking! At least for now. Did you like the first versions? We'd love to hear! We are always hanging out on Twitter and Facebook, so feel free to say hello. Or, if you want to receive these updates complete and before everyone else, sign up for our Golden Chest

Thanks for stopping by! ;)

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