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Pixel Cows now has a new face!

Hello, dear fans! I bet you have already noticed it, but no harm in saying: Pixel Cows has a new logo!
You may also have noticed that all our channels got a paint job: Facebook, Twitter, our site, and our TIG and Unity devlogs.

This visual update is the first in a series of things we are doing to celebrate our 8th anniversary. Yeah, we are that old! By the end of the month we'll also share some insights on how we designed our new logo and visual identity. The logo is a simple image, but there's a lot of thought and work behind it!

What you probably HAVEN'T noticed is that we also completely overhauled our Golden Chest Newsletter. From the visuals to how we organize our updates, everything just got more awesome! We take great pride in our Golden Chest updates. They are not "we did this, we did that". Instead, they are insightful, highly illustrated design articles organized in story form. Many of the design decisions we have to make as we develop the game are richly explained in there, with gifs and video clips illustrating every bit of it. It's a one of a kind tour into how a real game gets developed through time.
We are obviously partial about it, but hey, why not give it a try? It was already cool, and now it's better! It's 100% free, only 2 updates a month, and you can unsubscribe at any time. Just scroll down and sign up! 
All right, that's it for now. Soon enough we'll get back into the realms of branding. In the meantime, we'll be talking more sound design, so make sure to come by. Cheers, till next time!