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Darkness Revealed Update 40 - Awesome Game Interfaces are all about Magic and Mystery

Hello, everyone! How's it going?

In the last update we started talking about how we intend to make Last Dive a more personal experience for each playerMostly aimed at the saving system and the file select screen, we worked on specific changes increased the emotional bond with the game. Today, we will show a few more changes still tied to this topic and these goals. Let's check it out! 

Adding some more magic!

We really like games that sometimes break the fourth wall, like Metal Gear and Eternal Darkness. We want to play a little with that on our file select screen every now and then, specially with the small map in your save slot. We don't wanna spoil it for you, so we'll just leave you with a quick example. Plus, a gif of the navigation flow of the new file select screen! 


Dammit, I'm afraid of what's next, where's the save game option?!?

Besides how the save file is represented, there's also the how the game is saved. We made a deliberate choice towards having Save Points instead of autosave or other methods. This means you have to get to a Save Point to be able to record your progress into your save slot. We can then use it for a few things: 

- A reward for finishing a segment of the game: you've made permanent progress
- Foreshadowing a major event. You know that feeling when you get into a room that has no music, just a Save Point and a huge menacing door? That's what we mean ;)

At the start of this task we made a brainstorming session to come up with an object that would work for us. While that object should fit into the game aesthetics, it should also feel a little bit disconnected to the game's world. Save Points belong to the player's journey, not Dave's. 

After playing with abstract and literal ideas, we decided to go with the small computer terminal, which was interesting enough and not entirely realistic. It follows the same vintage radio aesthetics of the save file screen, which is good since there is a conceptual connection between these two interfaces.

After surviving dangerous traps and hordes of bizarre sea monsters, it's a relief to stumble into one of these! 

Hope you guys liked this update! We know, we know... Sometimes we look like one of those fussy painters meticulously adding tiny dots of color to a painting that already seems done, but rest assured that those things improved a LOT the game's flow and experience!

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