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Darkness Revealed Update 44 - Creating Darkness Revealed's Logo

Hello everyone! How's it going?

After months of expectation and preparations for the announcement, last week we finally revealed our game's definitive name! "Project Last Dive" is now officially called Darkness Revealed! We also shared with you guys the game's logo as well as it's final poster. In case you missed any of this, you can read all about it here!

So today, we will be talking a bit more about the game's name and logo. But this time, focused on the logo's development process and how it's final version came to be. Let's get going!

Revealing the Darkness
With the game's name finally set, it was time to create a logo and a visual identity to go along with it. This process was fairly complicated. It took us a couple months and some major twists till we finally got to a version everyone was happy with. These were some of the first "the game translated into an image" tests we made.


For a long time in development we were using this placeholder logo. We weren't fully aware of what message we were trying to send with all of this. What stories were these images supposed to tell? We didn't know it back then, but the image that goes with the logo would become almost as important as the logo itself.

After a few months, we started working on the logo for real. We had long brainstorm sessions to generate ideas of what would make a good logo. Should it be underwater? Should Dave be in it? Should it have monsters crawling out of it? Once we had settled for some cool concepts, we made a first wave of quick and dirty drafts. The purpose of this was trying a big number of ideas with little time investment. It doesn't take much work to see if an idea works or not, if you can abstract from the rendering quality and focus on the design concepts themselves.

This step was huge in helping us identify elements and layouts we believed could work. And you can notice some of these elements are still present in the final logo. After this first batch of tests we tried out a new concept: underwater communication over radio. Dave's radio is his only link to the "outside" world, so we thought this could be a cool theme for the logo.


These were the two variants we liked the most out of more than 40 tests that were created. From these logos somethings was starting to become clear:

- Darkness Revealed is a big name, and it's hard to make cool details or smart plays look great. The simpler approaches were always beating altered versions. We tried several types of glitches, cracks and word slides. But everything was affecting readability, and was still unable to really capture the real feeling of the game.

- For the reason above, we wouldn't be able to stray too much from a simple logo. Therefore, the image in the back (or the poster as we've been calling it) would play a HUGE part in setting the mood and expectations straight. It would guide the production of logo thumbnails and overall logo usage in context.

- The radio theme was cool, but it was difficult to make the logo convey "radio" while not feeling futuristic, military or other notions that are not really representative of the game. Toning down the radio effects, however, made the radio theme unrecognizable. This led to whole batches of logos with image effects that felt arbitrary and unconnected to the game.

With that in mind, we went for a drastic change. We had plenty of internal discussions to help us figure out more clearly what story this image had to tell - logo included. So a new testing phase started. Realizing it was mostly a change related to the background image, we came to a new variant.

You may laugh at us, but we called this the "Spielberg logo"! We thought it had a 90's mystery adventure movie vibe, that was much closer to what Darkness Revealed is all about. Encouraged by this new approach, we completely dropped the radio theme and instead focused on fonts and layouts that contributed to a feeling of mystery, adventure and revelation. We took inspiration from sources such as Lost, Aliens, and Prometheus and, before we noticed, Darkness Revealed's true face came to be! :)
We've shown it on the top of this update, but here is the image again, just for the sake of completing the story:

Holiday's Coming!

We're very happy to finally share this announcement with you guys. And that's only the beginning of some cool updates coming soon! But the holidays are almost upon us, so go make a snowman (or a beach sand castle, if you're on the south hemisphere like us), and make sure to rest well, be with your loved ones and prepare for the awesome year that 2017 is bound to be! We will be pausing our updates for now, and we'll be back in January with cool new stuff, like Darkness Revealed's first trailer! =O

We will still be on Twitter and Facebook, so make sure to stop by and say hello! Or if you want to receive these updates complete and before everyone else, sign up for our Golden Chest. Thanks a lot! ;)

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