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Darkness Revealed Update 43 - Darkness Revealed!

Hello, everyone! How's it going?
We're super excited with today's update! As you all know by now, our current project is strongly inspired on our past jam game "Last Dive" - to the point where we've been calling it "project Last Dive" since we began development one year ago. We have even called it a "remake", but in all honesty, that's one hell of an understatement!

Our new game was made from scratch. It surely rests on the shoulders of the original's best insights and concepts, but we are rethinking and improving every bit and pixel along the way. Over the past 12 months, just about everything - from graphics to gameplay, to the whole game story - was so dramatically overhauled that our current game barely resembles the original Last Dive!

In that spirit, today we are proud to announce our game's definitive name: Darkness Revealed!

"How to Pick a Name for Your Game"

It's baffling how much time and work are required to properly answer such an apparently simple question! To give some perspective, consider the thousands of hours that go into making a game like Darkness Revealed. Try and take a grasp of the actual meaning of "thousands of hours". Next, try recalling the last time you browsed Steam's new releases session. Think about how much time you dedicate to understand what each single game is about, how it feels to play it, and so on. You'll surely take a closer look at the games that appeal to you the most, but... What about all the others that didn't immediately appeal to you?

Question: What did you really know about those games when you unconsciously decided not to learn more about them?

Answer: The game's name. And a thumbnail containing its logo. Maybe a screenshot if the game is featured. And that's it. With that minimum amount of information, on the blink of an eye, thousands of people will quickly decide if they wanna learn more about this thing you've invested your heart, mind and sweat over thousands of hours or not. Hell, we usually make that kind of decision in less than one second!

Does that help giving some perspective on why choosing the right name is extremely important? :)

Just for clarity's sake, we are not showing Steam's front page to incite anyone to go super commercial or anything. God knows we are not in this for the money, or we would have launched a bunch of smaller, commercial products by now, instead of spending years perfecting our craft and technologies while making dozens of games and releasing them for free!

Investing the right amount of time in figuring a proper name - and a proper image + logo that represents the core aspects of the game - is essential even for the design process itself. You need to understand your game really well to pick a proper name - and you also need to understand your game really damn well to make it good. So, despite what we, developers, usually think about when making our games, at some point we need to look at them from the outside.

What is the core appeal of your game? What is the game mostly about? What are the core concepts and feelings that you want to evoke when people read your game's name without knowing anything else about it?

Point in case, our game, Darkness Revealed is about many things. It has a deep, emotional, mind bending story. It has cool "moving underwater in a heavy diving suit" jump mechanics. It has giant bosses, failing radios and grappling hooks. However, if we have to translate the game's core sensation in a simple (animated) image, it is probably something like this:

The same goes for the name. Out of everything that we could be saying about our game, after much consideration, we understood that "Darkness Revealed" was the combination of words that better evoked the concepts and feelings that our game is all about.

To be honest, after calling our project "Last Dive's remake" for several months, it did take us a couple days to get accustomed with calling it Darkness Revealed. That's normal, and honestly unimportant. Most people will not be used to what you used to call your game before. In fact, most people never heard about your game before! :)

That's it for today guys! We're very happy to finally share this announcement with all of you. And that's only the beginning of some cool updates coming soon! Next week we will show a bit of the process that got us to this logo and poster. Some pretty good insights, don't miss out!

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Thanks for stopping by! ;)

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