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Pixel Cows' Team Wishes You Happy Holidays!

On behalf of everyone at Pixel Cows, we wish you a 
Merry Christmas and an awesome 2017! 

We're immensely thankful for the great year that 2016 was for us. And 2017 is bound to be even better!

Challenges will surely come, and we’ll be here waiting for them! We'll be fighting, inventing solutions, and working our asses off to make some sweet lemonade out of whatever lemons life throws at us! Oh yeah, and we’ll be making games and having fun all the while, no doubt about that!

We will be immensely proud and thankful if you are there by our side for another year. You, dear fans old and new, are the reason for everything. You, the person reading this right now, is who makes it all worth it.

All that said, we do wish you some great holidays! This is the time of the year to chill out, hang with loved ones and gain some weight, so just go do that already! Thank you for being awesome, and see you in 2017!

With love,
The Pixel Cows team