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Darkness Revealed Update 45 - What Darkness Revealed Should Look Like

Hello, everyone! How's it going?
It's been a while since we last talked!

First of all, sorry for the long silence... Our whole team has been heads down working on our game's super-juicy first 15 minutes of gameplay, with all that it entangles, which is no excuse, but... Hell, yeah, it's actually a pretty good excuse! Anyway, thank you all for sticking with us through this update hiatus. You guys are the best! Anyway, take a deep breath, as we're about to catch you up on all that happened on these past couple months with a full serving of sweet, sweet gifs :)

Last time we talked, we announced our game's name: Darkness Revealed! Old time fans: don't worry, it still has everything that made "project Last Dive" special, and much, much more!

Where the hell have you guys been?!

After a short, well-deserved holiday break, we started the year by planning our activities for 2017 - namely, looking at where we were in development and detailing what was left to do. We are not keen on cutting scope, and we would never cut on quality, so we decided to expand our team instead!

Please welcome Carlos Cadori and Cleiton Oliveira, the two newest cows in the farm! :)

Cadori will be lending a hand in system / infra development and performance optimization, while Cleiton is tackling a lot of gameplay related stuff. We've been sharing the noisy trenches of game development with these two talented guys for over a month now, and all we can say is that we are very happy!

With our new team formed, we went on to tackle something that was really bothering us: performance. It's pretty standard that, at the beginning of a project, no one cares about optimizing assets, code and whatnot. Speed is the word of order when you are iterating, removing and rebuilding stuff as you determine what the game is about. At some point, though, you'll start stumbling on fps drops and even the eventual out-of-memory crash. So once we got to a point where we had the game pretty much figured out, it was time for a good old cleanup! We recently had an entire sprint focused on compressing assets and improving the game's performance. The gains from this taskforce ended up being huge! We're talking 400% improvements, and the game now runs smooth as butter under the sun! Furthermore, now it's much easier to build new content, which is always great and will revert back into more sweet stuff for you to find and play with. ;)

The Vertical Slice (not a sword fight term, I'm afraid)

Throughout 2016 we worked and experimented on several different parts of Darkness Revealed. At the end of the year, the core of the game was fun and solid, so we decided it was time for building a vertical slice of our game. That is, a small part of the game that would feature everything in final quality, as a sample of what the final game will look and feel like. This was an important decision, as it would show us, for the first time, what our game really felt like. For that, we decided to overhaul the tutorial level of the game, which was really broken up to this point.


The main goal with this level, other than teaching the game's controls, is to set the mood and expectations for the rest of the game. The tutorial acts as a general sample, showing the player a bit of everything he will get to experience, such as characters, mechanics, enemies, cutscenes, environments, and much more. This area also serves as an introduction to Dave's personality. You get to know a bit of how he feels, thinks, acts and most importantly: what he's doing in this place.

The tutorial was also a first real test of our main story conduct: the dialogue box. You might remember when we focused an entire update on the dialogue box. Players will be seeing it a lot, so it was crucial for us to get it just right. For the tutorial's overhaul we once again worked on the box. Besides improving its design, we also worked on the colors for each character and created a custom font for the game!

That's all for today guys! Once again, sorry for the long silence... From now till launch you can expect a lot of content and cool gifs! In the next update, for example, we will show a more from the tutorial. Including our new jump mechanics and some dark and gloomy mood transitions! 

Other than that, what did you think of our tutorial's final looks? We'd love to hear! We are always hanging out on Twitter and Facebook, so feel free to say hello. Or, if you want to receive these updates complete and before everyone else, sign up for our Golden Chest

Thanks for stopping by! ;)

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