We make games since we were kids. In 2008, Pixel Cows was born from our desire to express our feelings and ideas to more people. Since then we made many free games, winning some awards and getting a modest but loyal following in the process.

We believe games are art, and should be created and appreciated as such! Games must also be fun, and we are obsessive perfectionists in that regard. Most and foremost, we make games because we love it, and we never forget that.

Embark with us on the biggest adventure of our lives: the development of Darkness Revealed, the first fully-featured Pixel Cows game that represents everything we fought for and everything we stand for!

Our Current Project:

Darkness Revealed is a pixel art platformer thriller about a man who finds himself stranded at the bottom of the ocean. Dave is trapped and alone, with only his diving suit separating him from the bone crushing water pressure and mysterious sea creatures around. As he explores his surroundings in search for a way back to the surface, he realizes how little he knows about this sea...

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