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Travel through the monastery with Brother Bernard, the lumberjack monk. The Bishop's unexpected visit would change life in the monastery forever, although in ways still not entirely clear... A happy and uplifting adventure, appropriate to be played... in the dark, and with the headset on. Muhuhohaha!

Dissonance is a short freeware game. It was developed by Gabriel and João Pedro in 48 hours for Indie Speed Run 2012. As with our other jam games, we also took the opportunity to test some technologies and ideas that we might then incorporate into The Journey of Eko. This time it was the dynamic light, the mechanic of setting stuff on fire, and the procedural waving effect for vegetation. It's all really pretty simple stuff, but we kinda liked the end result! What do you think?

Update: Dissonance was nominated in three categories of the Indie Speed Run Awards, winning the "Solid Story" and the "Burchatta" prizes! We wrote a short post about it, check it out!