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Singularity is a hardcore platformer featuring procedural level generation and multiple mechanics that keep evolving as you beat the levels - challenges are procedurally made on the fly just for you! Success means progress, but are you able to keep up with the evolution? :)

Notice the Difficulty counter at the upper righthand side of the screen. Beat a level and difficulty will increase; die and difficulty will decrease. What is the maximum difficulty you can reach? Just remember that the levels are all random, so you can't memorize them!

This game was developed in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 24. We created it to test an idea for procedural level generation, which ended up being upgraded and fully incorporated into The Journey of Eko.

We also wrote a post about Singularity, explaining in details how the procedural generation works for you fellow game programmers out there, and some pros and cons of the method. Have fun!