The Journey of Eko

The Journey of Eko is an independent Action Adventure game that mixes platforming action, procedural levels, strong roguelike elements and a rich unconventional world. The player controls Eko as he explores a procedurally generated top-down world in search of cities, dungeons, weapons and magic items. Whenever Eko enters a dungeon or fights a monster, the game changes to a procedurally-generated side-scroller platformer level, where all the action happens!

Eko fighting to reach the exit of a procedurally-generated dungeon...

then moving on to explore a procedurally-generated forest...

And running towards his much deserved item!
And the hills, which are here just because they're pretty. :)


  • All the top-down maps and corresponding platform levels are procedurally generated, making each playthrough unique
  • Eko evolves by collecting gameplay-changing items. However, the treasure chests are different at each match, meaning that in one playthrough Eko may have a powerful sword but no air manouvers, while in another he ends up fighting with just a small knife, but has almost limitless flight power. It's impossible to determine which items will come, so the player has to trade with merchants, adapt or simply improvise!
  • Items so far include swords and knives made of different materials, bow and arrow, flight boots, bombs, double-jump feathers, shields - each one with very different gameplay effects... And we're adding many, many more before release. Update: as of March, 2013, current item count is around 30!
  • Tons of monsters, biomes, bosses, cities, caravan traders, random encounters...
  • A rich, unconventional world and a plot that we're not ready to reveal yet
  • High, progressive difficulty and Permadeath - you die, you're done. What you mean "Permadeath isn't a feature"? Of course it is, and it's probably my favorite one!

The Journey of Eko is Pixel Cows’ first big project. We’re an independent studio made of a huge team of two guys working in a garage - plus some important allies here and there! The game is in development for over two years, and is planned to be released for PC on 2013.

Soon we'll publish here a free alpha demo of our game. Keep posted by following us through the buttons to the left, or find us on Twitter! @pixel_cows