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Tiny Shard

Tiny Shard is a tiny platformer with multiple levels and enemies, a few power ups, a little plot and the hope of some meaning! :)

This game was created in 72 hours by Gabriel and João Pedro for Ludum Dare 23. There's an over-detailed account of its creation and some lessons learned HERE.

This is a game we hold very close to our hearts. It was our first game ever for a game jam, and the story of its creation had great personal significance to us. There's an account of that at the end of this page, if for any inconceivably strange reason you might wanna know that!

Tiny Shard was the first game we ever made for a game jam, back in April, 2012 for Ludum Dare #23. We had 72 hours to make the game from scratch, and being our first experience of that kind, we were clearly too ambitious - too much content, too many mechanics, too much everything for such a short timeframe. Those were really crazy, stressful 72 hours, and we didn't feel the game was complete when we finally had to submit it. The game was uploaded on time, but it felt like a failure. We knew of so many parts that we wanted to adjust before submitting, and so many things that had to be left out! Some parts were lacking graphics, the game's story was too personal and cryptic, and the game's world was simply too weird. Frustrated and angry, when we submitted the game we kept thinking: "whatever, who cares about this stupid competition, we did our best and we put our hearts on this game, and I won't give a damn if people hate it".

On the next morning, we woke up and started reading the feedback left by some fellow jammers who had just played our game. And, for our complete astonishment, these guys were really enjoying it! Many of them could relate to the game's world and meaning, and were attentious enough to reach out to us with the kindest of words, detailed constructive feedback and compliments to the game in general. And, surprisingly enough, we ended up feeling really proud about our tiny little game!

Participating in Ludum Dare showed us that we are capable of building something that people can relate to and enjoy somehow, even if it's such a small project. This really isn't about the competition. It is really cool to be well ranked among such fine game devs (Tiny Shard ended up faring incredibly well in the competition), but that really isn't the point. The point is to be able to finish something, show it to the world, be humble to take feedback, and learn from your mistakes. That's how you get better at this ellusive craft of creating games!

So, there it is. Tiny Shard was the first game we ever finished. It's small and simple, but we love it! And we love Ludum Dare! And we love the Ludum Dare community!

Damn, I feel like I could hug the whole damn world right now!