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Hi! Nice to meet you!

Pixel Cows is an independent game studio founded in December, 2008 by cousins Gabriel Dal Santo and João Pedro Arantes.

Started from our passion for games, our company has evolved over the years to provide professional game development services, technology development, business consulting and marketing services to game studios and other companies all around the world.

More recently we thought it was time to develop our own IPs to the end customer market at a commercial capacity, so we currently have 2 games being developed for PC, Xbox, PlayStation® and Nintendo Switch™.

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Looking for a partner to execute your game
at the highest quality?

By partnering with us, you can sit back and relax while knowing that your idea will be brought into reality under the highest standards of quality and polish.

From entertainment-focused, award-winning free games to commercial game projects in biotech, education, advertising and more, our cross experience with both end-customer and b2b focused games makes us uniquely capacitated to help your company bring your idea to life.

Our fee is around US$ 15.000,00 per month, with the number of months varying with the desired game's complexity. If you are under a fixed budget (minimum 15k USD) and wanna know what is possible to develop with it, get in touch through the form below!

Important: we don't do service exchanges or revenue share projects. Sorry, fellow indies! Our "working from a garage and eating noodles" days are long gone, but we thoroughly encourage you to succeed in your indie adventure through our sister site :)

Wanna get your game made by us?


Coming soon... The Pixel Cows game museum!


Do you miss unexpectedly crying in under 20 minutes while figuring out the true story in Last Dive? What about literally launching your tech startup into space in Carreira nas Estrelas, burning down churches (and priests) in Dissonance, exploding lettuce-headed ghosts in 49 Bullets, sword-jumping and boomeranging your way past procedural dungeons in Eko, or even evading crispy (and totally unnecessary) deaths in Volcano Explorer?

If you followed our journey over the years, either through game conferences, indie meet-ups in London, San Francisco or São Paulo, at game conventions, game jams, indie bundles, expos at museums and all that, odds are you have played some of our games!

With all main browsers ending support for Flash, Ludum Dare changing servers, some games being protected under unnecessary NDAs and a number of other factors, sadly some of our coolest past games have become difficult to find. But fear not!

We take great pride in each and every one of our past games from these past 14 years, so even though we've been fully booked lately, bit by bit we've been finding time to put together our very own virtual museum to give back access to some of our old games. Stay tuned, and thank you very much for your visit!

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