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Stories. More than any form of expression, it's stories that connect people. From the dawn of mankind people have gathered around a campfire to teach, to learn and to transport others into tales of war, despair, redemption and love.


Stories have the unique power of keeping us interested and engaged, always wanting to know what happens next - and, in the process, we learn about the world and about ourselves.


Project Campfire

At Pixel Cows, we believe that games are like the campfires of our times, with rich interactive worlds serving as the gathering points for people of all ages and backgrounds. If you ever wanted to tell stories through the immensely rich medium of videogames, then Campfire might be what you have been looking for.


Developed by professional game studio Pixel Cows, Project Campfire allows you to make an exciting game without the need for a technical background. It comes as a fully functioning game where every piece of content can be customized to tell your story.


Built from the ground up with the single purpose of enabling storytellers and educators that don't come from the game industry, we have envisioned Campfire as a classic RPG:

Players explore a top down map, and as they move over the land, the map gradually opens up, revealing new places and challenges. This allows stories to be told through a sequence of discovered locations and encounters distributed over the map.

Gif CF 1.gif
Gif CF 2.gif

From time to time, players are tested in dangerous and exciting battles representing ambushes, duels and raids that happen through modernly designed turn-based combat.

Finally, locations such as dungeons, camps and cities are represented as illustrated interactive texts.

Together with these core systems come treasure and loot that reward players for their progress while enabling them to level up and be better prepared for the most advanced challenges.

Campfire is your game

However, the magic of Campfire is not in its game systems, but in the fact that everything is fully customizable.That means the same base game can serve to convey any message and to tell any story - either if it's in a medieval fantasy land, in a sci-fi galaxy, in a twisted diesel-punk world or anywhere your imagination can take you!

Space Battle.png
Fantasy Store.png
Space Location.png
Fantasy Encounter.png

mockups demonstrating the game's potential to tell all sorts of stories in every conceivable type of setting

Perfect for application in education

Unleash the enormous, unexplored potential of computer RPGs in teaching complex concepts in a way that is driven by intrinsic motivation.

Leveraging on Pixel Cows' 14 years of experience with both entertainment-focused games and serious, real world application games, Campfire's very design is deeply optimized for usage in education contexts by coupling its deeply engaging mechanics with flexible, simple to customize content that can be easily created by teachers and school boards.


Teach history, geography, social issues or even biology by replacing Campfire's demonstration content with texts and images that your own school teachers can make, and have students learning complex topics with with never seen before self-driven engagement.

Fantasy Event.png
Space Navigation.png

Tell your own powerful stories with Campfire

Campfire is perfect for creatives, writers, marketers, teachers or anyone who understands the power of stories and want to leverage on the untapped potential of RPGs to engage, entertain and leave a lasting message for their audience.


If you think Campfire is for you, please email us at so that we can start a conversation and figure out the best way to license the software for your organization.

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